Pricing Insights

What are HDA Pricing Insights?

Healthcare Data Analytics’ hospital pricing insights are a quick way to get access to the unique pricing information that one of your analysts may have missed – whether that’s by facility, by region, or by CPT / HCPCS codes.

HDA’s insights are simple to understand and are delivered to you conveniently via your inbox or the Insight tab on your dashboard. You can receive insights on a schedule of your preference (weekly, monthly, quarterly). You can also choose what types of insights you would like to see. We share information on cash/gross prices, payer negotiations, compliance, and more. 

Data Dashboard Insights for Clients
Example of the kind of data insights an HDA customer will receive.

How do Insights Work?

You can use the hospital pricing data you receive to power internal functions and help you identify trends and missed revenue opportunities. 

Our dashboards, spreadsheets, and data delivery services can be coupled with our pricing insights. We share examples of pricing insights on our social media pages and in our newsletter. You can sign up using the link to stay up to date on the jaw-dropping pricing differences we discover daily. 

What’s important to note, however, is that there is no difference in the data itself whether you access it via dashboard, spreadsheet, direct data delivery, or choose to receive insights as a stand alone service. Organizations can rely on this data to:

  • Drive payer negotiations
  • Monitor prices at a specific hospital or in a specific geographical region
  • Monitor prices for specific CPT / HCPCS codes
  • Build custom reports
  • Power proprietary processes or applications

Augmenting Insights with Visualizations, Analytics, and Data Delivery

Every organization’s needs are slightly different. To accommodate yours, we can supplement data delivery with helpful add-ons. For example, if your in-house data analytics team doesn’t have time to create data visualizations for business users, we can provide them. We can also supplement data with visualizations. If you are interested in receiving insights with multiple visualizations or ways to interpret the information we provide, HDA is happy to customize depictions and reports. 

To get a better sense of how a custom data delivery can meet your organization’s needs, reach out to Gabby ( for a free demonstration of the HDA platform. 

The data we deliver comes from more than 2,000 U.S. hospitals. That number increases daily as more hospitals become compliant with the CMS Hospital Price Transparency Rule.

In addition to collecting, aggregating, cleaning, standardizing, and monitoring the data to fuel our data delivery product, we also reach out to hospitals that have not yet published their pricing data. We offer to help them publish or edit their price transparency file to become fully compliant with the rule. 

If you request data from a facility that has not yet published its transparency file, we immediately reach out with an offer to help that facility publish its prices.

Cash prices for code 70450_CT scan head or brain without contrast
Examples of the type of data visualizations HDA can deliver.

Insight Rates

Data delivery fees depend on the amount and complexity of the data you want to track. Rates increase as you track more facilities and as the complexity of your needs increases (e.g., if you choose to receive data via API).

Adding visualizations and analytics, for example, would increase your monthly cost.

Our insight service is our least expensive option. 

For all our services, we offer free trials. Schedule yours today!

Why Healthcare Data Analytics?

Our team is composed of experts in both the CMS Hospital Price Transparency Rule and data management. In addition to helping you customize data delivery to meet your ongoing needs, we offer consulting services to help you use your data and insights effectively.

Behind the scenes, we monitor hospital price transparency files daily to ensure that all the data you receive is accurate and up to date.

To learn more about how our data delivery service can fuel your next round of budgeting or price negotiations, get in touch or sign up for a demo.