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Increase the impact you have on every person you help.

Helping people navigate the US healthcare system is essential but complex work – in part because the prices providers charge are next to impossible to track down.

And those prices matter.

Today, in the United States…

Guiding people toward care that drives the best health outcomes is essential to improving health at the individual and population level. But if people avoid care because they’re scared of huge bills, your recommendations won’t have the impact they can – and should.

Our price transparency resources can help.

Price Transparency to Power Your Guidance

Since January 2021, hospitals have been required to publish prices per the CMS Price Transparency Rule.

What we’ve learned since the rule took effect: compliance doesn’t translate to transparency.

That’s where we come in.

Your team knows the ins and outs of the US healthcare system. We provide ready access to its prices so you can…

  • Help clients compare the cost of care at nearby facilities.
  • Use timely data to power negotiations with payers and providers.
  • Guide employers to the most cost-effective coverage options for their teams.

Our analytics dashboard lets you search by service, hospital, or location to identify the best prices for the services that matter most to the individual person you’re serving.

Price Analysis_X-ray lower back min four views_George Washington University Hospital
Example 1 of Customized Data Dashboard
Average negotiated rates of all payer plans for service code 26055
Example 2 of Customized Data Dashboard
Cash prices for code 70450_CT scan head or brain without contrast
Example 3 of Customized Data Dashboard

Personalized Healthcare Requires Price Transparency

As a healthcare advocate, you know that healthcare is most effective when it’s personalized.

And because prices vary by provider plan at each hospital, the “best” place to get care depends on who’s getting that care.

Use our granular pricing data to further personalize the guidance you deliver to improve outcomes for individuals and groups.

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