About Us

Healthcare Data Analytics is on a mission to ensure that the CMS Hospital Price Transparency Rule leads to actual, actionable price transparency in the US healthcare system.

Who We Are: Unrivaled Data Experts

Our co-founders have spent the last decade-plus building Aspen Technology Labs, the leading data management company in digital employment advertising, which collects, cleans, monitors, and updates data from some 120,000 corporate sites.

Our experience orchestrating data at this scale is unrivaled.

In 2020, when CMS published the Hospital Price Transparency final rule, we recognized a significant opportunity to bring unprecedented market efficiency to US healthcare.

To get from the Hospital Price Transparency final rule to an efficient market, though, the hospitals’ published data would need to be unified, standardized, and made available via a single platform where stakeholders could engage with it in a meaningful way.

We saw how we could apply the expertise we’d gained in the recruitment tech space, and Healthcare Data Analytics was born.

Since launch, we’ve partnered with Google Cloud’s Looker platform to facilitate analysis of the healthcare pricing data for market participants.

We are committed to standardizing and sharing all US healthcare pricing data so that industry stakeholders are empowered to make critical – and sometimes life-changing – decisions.

Our Mission: Facilitate Competition via True Pricing Transparency

CMS’s stated goal in enacting the Hospital Price Transparency Rule is to increase competition and innovation in the US healthcare industry. Their stance is that transparency will benefit everyone in the system: better-informed consumers are better consumers, and more transparent pricing will make the healthcare market more efficient.

We agree, and we’re committed to facilitating that competition and innovation by transforming raw data into true transparency.

The US healthcare system is already an incredible catalyst of medical progress. Price transparency will drive the best companies in the space to continue innovating, delivering value, and stimulating the competition that will keep us at the global forefront of healthcare innovation.

For more information about how to verify your hospital’s data or view your competitors’ prices, contact us today.