Customized Pricing Dashboard

What Are HDA Pricing Dashboards?

Our dynamic pricing dashboards are the fastest, most powerful way to visualize and understand the pricing information you care most about. With just a few clicks, you can access visualizations of any price attribute you’re curious about:

  • Prices for multiple CPT / HCPCS codes
  • Prices for multiple payer plans at a single hospital
  • Prices for a single CPT / HCPCS code at multiple hospitals

The data that feeds HDA pricing dashboards is monitored and updated daily, meaning you always see up-to-date numbers.

Screenshot of data dashboard
An example of a HDA data dashboard provided to clients.

How Do HDA Pricing Dashboards Work?

At the start of our engagement, you’ll sit down with our data analysts to discuss your goals for using the data.

From there, they’ll build a custom dashboard designed to meet your needs, including visualizations, filters, and the ability to drill down and ask questions about the data.

HDA pricing dashboards also make it easy to stay on top of changes and updates to the data via alerts. You can set alerts to notify you when a hospital you track publishes or updates a pricing file.

Once you’re up and running, you can use the information in your dashboard to…

  • Drive payer negotiations.
  • Monitor prices at a specific hospital or in a specific geographical region.
  • Monitor prices for specific CPT / HCPCS codes.
  • Build your own custom reports.
  • Query the data via Looker.

Our team can also create any kind of custom report you’re interested in and deliver it on a monthly basis.

One feature of the Looker dashboard is the “Explorer” tab. Here, you can create your own repots/visualizations, discover insights and dive deeper into the data. The video below demonstrates just a couple ways you can use this feature. If you would like more information or want to get started with your own dashboard feel free to contact us

Data-Driven Insights

Every dashboard customer also gets access to pricing insights, which can be delivered on a weekly, monthly, or quarterly basis. Insights highlight key takeaways from the data set you track, including payer negotiations, cash prices, compliance rates, and more.

About the Data

The data that fuels HDA’s pricing dashboards comes from more than 2,000 US hospitals. That number increases daily as more hospitals become compliant with the CMS Hospital Price Transparency Rule.

In addition to collecting, aggregating, cleaning, standardizing, and monitoring the data to fuel our dashboards, we also reach out to hospitals that have not yet published their pricing data. We offer to help them publish or edit their price transparency file to become compliant.

In the KPI section of your dashboard, we track any gaps in your requested data vs. available data. If you request data from a facility that has not yet published its prices, we immediately reach out to help that facility publish its prices.

On a budget? Check out our custom pricing spreadsheets.

Pricing Dashboard Rates

Custom dashboard starts at $100 per month for our simplest plans, which show data and visualizations for a single hospital. Monthly rates increase with the number of hospitals and complexity of data tracked.

To get a quote, reach out to Gabby (

But it’s hard to know what you want or need until you’ve actually used the platform. That’s why we offer free trials. Get in touch to set yours up.

Why Healthcare Data Analytics?

The Healthcare Data Analytics team is made up of experts on the CMS Hospital Price Transparency rule, as well as experts in data management. Beyond helping you build a dashboard that suits your needs, we offer weekly, monthly, or quarterly consulting to help guide your use of the data and insights you gather.

On the back end, we conduct daily monitoring of hospital price transparency files to ensure the data fueling your dashboard is always accurate and up to date.

For more information about how our custom dashboards can inform your next round of budgeting or price negotiations, get in touch. If you’re ready to see the dashboard in action, sign up for a demo today.