Health Plans

Support better health outcomes and deliver more coverage.

Offering health insurance plans that fit people’s needs – and their budgets – has never been more challenging.

And while price transparency legislation has the potential to improve things, most insurers haven’t yet realized those benefits. Why? Because when negotiated rates are available, they’re nearly impossible to track down and analyze.

Without knowing what other payers have negotiated with hospitals in your area, you’re left in the dark, which hurts your ability to compete and extend the coverage your customers depend on.

This is especially relevant now:

  • An estimated 31 million people have no health insurance.
  • Thirty percent of people say they’ve avoided seeking medical care due to cost concerns.
  • More than 45 million people are unable to pay for quality care.

Providing health plans that let more people get the care they need requires data-driven insights – exactly what our price transparency resources deliver.

See our price transparency dashboard in action.

Price Transparency Enhances Your Negotiating Power

Imagine entering a negotiating session equipped with a list of prices for every shoppable service a hospital accepts from every other payer plan.

That’s what our analytics dashboard makes possible.

In just seconds, you can pull up pricing information for a specific hospital, service, payer, or plan. You can also calculate a market median reimbursement rate for a specific procedure or charge code, so you know where your reimbursement compares to the market.

The outcome: you’re suddenly on a level playing field with the biggest players in the industry. What’s more, you have much more control over the costs – and savings – you’re able to pass on to customers.

mayo clinic_UCare rate

Median Reimbursement Rate in Chicago
*The median reimbursement rate was calculated using only hospital pricing data from hospitals who have posted their prices on their websites.

Quality Healthcare Begins with Price Transparency

By making healthcare more affordable, you provide an essential service to your customers.

Tapping into the power of price transparency helps you make that service available to even more people and deliver better value to the people you already serve.

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