Healthcare Consulting Firms

Helping healthcare organizations improve operations across the care continuum is complex work. It requires business savvy, deep industry knowledge, and vast swaths of data.

Historically, though, data on how providers price their services has been difficult to collect – and  nearly impossible to gather at scale.

Healthcare Data Analytics is changing that.

Since the CMS’s Hospital Price Transparency Rule took effect in 2021, we’ve been gathering, cleaning, monitoring, standardizing, and aggregating pricing data from hospitals around the country.

Now we’re making it available to healthcare consulting companies.

Provide Key Insights to Drive Pricing Strategy

Healthcare providers enjoy the best outcomes when they’re empowered to focus on delivering patient care.

But they can only do that when they’re not constantly worrying about the bottom line – which is why they rely on healthcare consultants for pricing strategy.

Until recently, though, there was no easy way to access and interrogate hospital pricing data to derive meaningful insights.

Our user-friendly dashboards provide at-a-glance comparisons of pricing by hospital and payer plan.

Visualization that compares hospitals and payers in New York
Data visualization that compares hospitals and payers in New York.

Armed with this information, healthcare consultants can much more confidently advise clients on payer negotiations and marketing opportunities in their region.

Fuel Internal Analytics Efforts with Updated Data You Can Rely On

Healthcare consultants who prefer to handle analytics functions internally can fuel their analyses with our data delivery service.

In addition to updating our pricing data monthly, we perform daily QA monitoring to ensure it’s always accurate. And because we’ve been engaging with this data since it first became available, we’re adept at identifying outlier data points and verifying them at the source.

The result: the data we deliver is clean, reliable, and up to date.

Our repository includes pricing data from hospitals around the country, making our data delivery service an excellent complement to existing data streams for consultants who serve clients in diverse geographies.

Get Actionable Insights to Keep Hospitals Competitive – and Compliant

When you subscribe to our data, you’ll also receive actionable insights that can help your clients maintain a competitive edge and adhere to the ever-changing reforms healthcare providers are expected to implement.

And with unprecedented visibility into revenue optimization opportunities, you’ll be better able to help clients find the funds to enact other initiatives that lead to improvements across the care continuum.

Data Dashboard Insights for Clients
An example of the kind of insights HDA clients can receive right from their customized data dashboard.

Get Notified When Prices Change

When providers you track change their prices and update their files, our team will notify you so you can immediately determine how the changes affect your clients. You’ll never have to worry about the possibility that outdated pricing data is undermining the value of your recommendations.

Better Outcomes Start with Better Data

For hospitals and other healthcare providers, preparing for future demands requires not only delivering excellent care but also optimizing the business side of operations. 

Pricing strategy is the area where the two sides overlap most. Make sure the guidance you provide is as strong and thorough as possible by tapping into the most robust source of healthcare pricing data available.

Interested in learning more? Sign up for a complimentary demo or get in touch to discover how our platform can enhance your existing data sources.