Customized Pricing Spreadsheet with Tailored Visualizations

What Are HDA’s Customized Pricing Spreadsheets?

Our customized pricing spreadsheets are an efficient way for value-conscious organizations to visualize and understand competitor pricing information.

Spreadsheets come with filters, KPIs, insights, and more. With basic spreadsheet knowledge, you can access and visualize data on any price attribute you care about:

  • Prices for multiple CPT / HCPCS codes
  • Prices for multiple payer plans at a single hospital
  • Prices for a single CPT / HCPS code at multiple hospitals

The data that feeds HDA pricing spreadsheets is monitored and updated daily. If you’re interested in getting alerts when we update or add data for the organizations you track, we can email you to let you know.

Screenshot of customized spreadsheet
An example of an HDA customized data spreadsheet.

How Do HDA’s Customized Pricing Spreadsheets Work?

Like our dashboards, our customized pricing spreadsheets let users view and compare prices for services at the hospitals they choose to track.

At the start of your engagement with HDA, you’ll work with our data analysts to define how you plan to use the pricing data. From there, they’ll build spreadsheets that meet your needs, with filters and relevant visualizations.

As a spreadsheet customer, you can request to be notified via email when hospitals you track upload or change pricing data.

The information you glean from the spreadsheet can help your organization…

  • Negotiate with payers.
  • Monitor prices at a specific hospital or in a specific geographical region.
  • Monitor prices for specific CPT / HCPCS codes.
  • … and more.

Even relatively inexperienced spreadsheet users will be able to use built-in functionality to glean data-fueled insights about the hospitals whose data they track.

About the Data Information

Need a data set with more functionality? Check out our custom pricing dashboards.

Pricing Spreadsheet Rates

Our pricing spreadsheets offer a cost-effective way for lean organizations to view the hospital pricing data necessary to understand market trends and what payers have negotiated with other care providers.

Custom spreadsheets start at $50 per month to view the data for a single hospital.

As you track more complex data and data from more hospitals, rates increase.

To get a quote, reach out to Gabby ( 

If you’re not sure which format would be most useful to your organization, feel free to get in touch for a consultation. Once we have a sense of your needs, we can recommend a format and set you up with a free trial.

Why Healthcare Data Analytics?

Our team is made up of experts on data management and the CMS Hospital Price Transparency rule. In addition to crafting you a spreadsheet that delivers the data and insights you need to run leaner, more efficient operations, we offer consulting on a weekly, monthly, or quarterly basis to help guide you in using the data we provide.

Behind the scenes, we monitor hospital price transparency files daily to make sure the data in your spreadsheets is always accurate and up to date.

Interested in learning more about how our custom spreadsheets can drive your next round of payer price negotiations? Get in touch. Ready to see how the spreadsheet works? Set up your demo today.